Skillings Connolly has always believed in a broad-based approach to engineering design, realizing the importance of integrating all aspects of a project. Our catalog of services is constantly evolving and growing as new technologies emerge and regulations change. We pride ourselves on keeping current with changes in our field and offer a comprehensive repertoire of services in civil engineering, environmental, real estate services, land surveying, and construction administration. Our engineers, scientists and technicians are energetic, diverse and ready for new challenges. Our goal is to make each of our clients’ projects a success – a high quality product within budget and on time.

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Skillings Connolly helps clients reach their infrastructure goals by providing sound civil engineering services. Our engineers have extensive expertise in transportation, utility, and site development design. We work as a team, traffic engineers alongside stormwater system experts, to ensure our designs mesh seamlessly in a logical fashion.

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Skillings Connolly Inc. offers a full range of high-value, pre-construction, construction and construction managements services. We provide engineering, design, construction and start up for projects ranging from water treatment and conveyance to environmental remediation. Our staff has the ability to offer our clients capabilities that meets the needs of each project by bringing integrated project delivery services that focus on quality, value and timeliness.

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Our Natural Resources, Planning and Sustainability Services provide professionals who understand the needs of our clients and strive to achieve their goals. We seek smart, sustainable solutions through all types of environmental studies, documentation and permitting. We guide our clients through the often confusing environmental process, from initial planning stages through permit acquisition and monitoring.

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Stormwater runoff is the leading source of water contamination in the U.S. according to the U.S. EPA. Projects in the public and private sectors must prevent, control, and treat stormwater.  We have the expertise and experience to meet today’s stormwater regulations with flexible, cost-effective solutions.

From designing a range of stormwater treatment facilities utilizing the latest in stormwater technologies we believe in  developing groundbreaking stormwater and Low Impact Development (LID) designs for municipalities, our engineers and scientists are committed to teaming with clients and regulators to develop implementable solutions that conserve and enhance our natural resources.

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Skillings Connolly Inc. has helped a number of clients plan,  design and build their Marinas to meet the needs of their community and in the case of private land owners and developers, their vision.  From private site development to commercial marina renovations and large scale projects partnering with Washington Ports throughout the Northwest we’ve worked with clients to meet their short and long term planning needs and the communities they serve

Our engineers and environmental scientists understand the difficulty of the permitting process, tidal, river and lake environmental forces, and the needs of each community and how they utilize these valuable resources. We not only study the engineering required by such harsh environments but the way communities rely on such areas for commerce, community gathering and recreation.

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Our team is dedicated to providing professional survey services personalized to clients and their projects. Our survey crews work diligently to ensure the success of your project with the same value and efficiency that clients have come to expect from the Abbey Road Group. The survey team brings more than 30 years of experience to the job, in projects both large and small. They are thorough and provide work that exceeds the exacting standards of local jurisdictions.

Our team provides surveying services for all project phases. State of the art equipment means greater accuracy and efficiency in the surveying process, which leads to better value for you. With the ability to survey in both 2D and 3D, crews provide a high level of survey detail and definition. Using 3D modeling in the design phase before construction begins is an invaluable tool in visualizing and analyzing the complete site environment.

Before and during your project our team provides survey and staking services for boundaries, topography, buildings, utilities, paving, landscape and more. These accurate locations allow designers to prepare site designs and contractors to perform site preparations and construction with confidence.

During the construction process, 3D surveying can monitor your site’s grading and other land changes, verify building elevations and locations. Upon completion of your project, the team is able to survey the site for as-built preparation and site monitoring.

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Our transportation engineering department designs comprehensive roadway projects for cities, counties and developers. We design and prepare plans for transportation infrastructure projects with safety and cost-effectiveness in mind. Our designs account for proper drainage, utility coordination, and rights-of-way.

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At Skillings Connolly we are proud to have highly qualified utilities engineers available to help you with a variety of services including site development, cost estimating, PS&E, sewer, and storage and distribution systems.

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The Northwest boasts some of the most beautiful, pristine natural environments in the country. Our standards for protecting our lands and water are high, perhaps because we know how much we have to lose if we fail. We care deeply about how we manage community water, sewer, and storm water systems, and we place a high priority on reclaiming and reusing wastewater.

At Skillings Connolly we are especially effective in the development of water, wastewater, and stormwater facilities that meet the unique needs and expectations of the community we serve.