The design for this project was done on an accelerated schedule. Coordination was the key element in the success of this project. Not only did Skillings Connolly head the design team coordination effort, we also coordinated the efforts of the City’s engineers, the developer’s design team, and the Costco design team. The project’s goal was to provide the design of a completely new City arterial roadway for a length of 2,100 lf connecting Alderwood Mall Parkway to 184th Street in order to provide access to a new mixed-use development. Funding for the project was provided by the Developer, the City and TIB.
The City had tight timelines to perform the necessary roadway design per developer agreements with the prime developer, the Phase 1 tenant, COSTCO, and the property owner, Edmonds School District.
One of the unique challenges Skillings Connolly successfully faced was providing design and PS&E as the City’s representative while working directly with the private developer and COSTCO’s consultants. This cooperation was necessary to assure that all of the mixed-use development designs fit seamlessly with the City’s roadway extension.
Skillings Connolly provided the PS&E to extend 33rd Avenue W. Our design included a three-lane arterial roadway with provisions to expand the section to five lanes in the near future. A major element of work included roadway alignment studies intended to mesh the new roadway with the six lanes of Alderwood Mall Parkway and 184th Street which is a five-lane roadway that is located adjacent to Alderwood Mall.
Other studies included channelization alternatives and review of the roadway improvements needed for Maple Road, 30th Avenue, and Alderwood Mall Parkway lane additions. The new roadway was located along a hillside that required nine-foot high retaining walls for the three-lane section. An alternate wall design was incorporated into the bid plans for a 20-foot high soldier pile retaining wall to accommodate the future five-lane roadway section. We provided the LED street lighting design as well as ADA,  sidewalk, bike lanes, intersection grading, striping, signage, drainage and watermain design. In addition,  under our direction, subconsultants provided Geotechnical investigation, landscape, and retaining wall design.
DKS provided all traffic and signal design which included four new, and one upgraded signal.